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John F. Hunter Photography

Thanks very much for the great photo of the whale in front of the house. I’ve never seen one that close. You have a great eye.

Jack O’Neill

Best Of Santa Cruz 2016 Runner Up     Good Times Best Of

This is one of my project`s, installed at the new 49er`s Levi’s Stadium, it is eleven feet wide and eight feet tall.
49ers Levi's Stadium Suite Collage

Click Photo Above For Larger Image

There are so many outstanding photographers in Santa Cruz county that, I am flattered and honored to have won this award, my first year in business as a full time photographer.

Good Times Runner Up 2014

Read The Sentinel Article About My Whale Photos



My name is John Hunter,

Welcome to my web-page!

My specialty consists of printing my photography on metallic photo paper, which is a high definition paper that makes color and water look outstanding and is borderline 3 dimensional. I also print enlargements on sheets of aluminum that has amazing definition, it has a ultraviolet protective coating for longevity and has a super clean look with frames being optional.


Please check out my facebook page.

Thank you for checking out my sites..

Please contact me if you have any special photo requests. You can email me directly at jfhphotography@yahoo.com or, through my website, which is one in the same.

Please surf back through occasionally, I am constantly uploading my latest work!

Best, 🙂

J. Hunter